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I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for the Lamaze class that was led by Ashley. Ashley has an amazing presence and makes the class entertaining and fun while filling up our cups with knowledge. She opened up my partner to ways he could be an active participant in all aspects of the beautiful process we were about to experience together.


My husband and I really enjoyed going to Lamaze class. It was very informative and gave us the tools we needed for my pregnancy and birth. Ashley was very helpful and answered every question we had about our pregnancy. During my labor I felt confident that I could do this thanks to the knowledge I gained from Ashley's class. We highly recommend Ashley for Lamaze. You will gain the knowledge you need that will help you succeed in your pregnancy and birth. Her step by step tutorial about labor and birth helped ease my worries about delivery. Thank you Ashley! 

Sasha and Victor

Ashley's prenatal yoga was such a gift! I looked forward to it each month and relished that peaceful time of preparation with both of my pregnancies. Ashley's classes are encouraging and empowering. She is a gifted teacher and such a sweet, encouraging soul.


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