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To prepare myself to engage holistically in the world of childbirth care, I underwent doula training and began teaching movement classes to pregnant moms. The classroom environment was a powerful one, thus leading me into teaching Lamaze and training with Wendy of Family Trees Birth Programs, a program with which I am now an approved trainer. I have spent the last few years providing education and support to families in an out-of-hospital educational setting. My goal as a teacher is to empower mothers through education by offering them a unique combination of learning and support through radical inclusivity, thoughtful discussion and most of all fun!


My mission is to provide evidence-based education, holistic support, and comprehensive resources for moms and babies. I am a passionate educator and an award-winning entrepreneur with a creative soul and background in cultural and critical theory.


My interdisciplinary study in cultural and critical theory set the groundwork for building a love for childbirth, education and advocacy. When pregnant with my first child, my husband and I were eager to get our hands on all the information possible. We signed up for a Lamaze class series and I immediately fell in love. The birth of my first child was an empowering experience as I saw the knowledge and tools I gained in my Lamaze courses at work. I was hooked.

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